Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions regarding Toastmasters Villach please do not hesitate to contact us.

You will be able to find answers to general queries on Toastmasters.org in the TMI’s FAQs.

In addition, we are constantly gathering particular questions from our meetings.

Below you can find the current list of questions and answers that may be helpful.

No problem, you will not “fall behind” because the sessions do not depend on each other. Everybody can decide how quickly to proceed in the TM environment.

  • Rule of thumb for presenters: 1min presentation = 1h preparation (content & speech rehearsal) -> it will reduce with experience
  • The “Toastmaster of the day” needs to organize in advance the speaker, location, agenda, material, …
  • All other members do not need to prepare for the meeting

No, roles change from meeting to meeting.

No, only focus areas for the speeches are pre-defined (body-language, voice, present yourself, etc.).

Every Toastmasters meeting offers a variety of different ways to present: impromptu and prepared speaking or by taking up a role during the meeting.

There are no constraints regarding the use of tools. Presentations are normally without Powerpoint, but use whatever you need to support your speech.

Impromptu speaking is one of the most important aspects of every Toastmasters meeting and it happens during the so-called table topics session. Everyone is invited to put up the hand in order to deliver a 2 minutes speech without any preparation. A selection of topics will be provided by the so-called table topics master. He announces the theme of the session and he guides the volunteers to pull a topic blindly.

A prepared speech is in general part of a project. The purpose, scope, and duration of a prepared speech are strictly defined by the project objective. A project is accomplished successfully if the speech is within the given time. All other characteristics of the speech are not subject to disqualification.

Every speaker is free to choose how to elaborate a speech with some given restrictions on the topic/purpose and time.

For impromptu speaking the restriction is given by the selected topic and by the duration of the speech (1-2:30min). There are no restrictions on the purpose and the scope.

On the other hand for prepared speeches purpose, scope and duration are strictly defined by the project objective within a so-called educational path. A project is accomplished successfully if the speech is within the given time. All other characteristics of the speech are not subject to disqualification.

But without any exception, any speech must not touch religion, politics, and sexuality. The use of offensive language is also strictly banned.

Every speech has a defined minimum and maximum duration. A prepared speech must strictly meet these requirements otherwise it must be repeated.

The time restriction for table topics is in general only thought for educational purpose. A time violation becomes only relevant if the speaker is participating in an official contest.

No, we will start on Tuesday the 3rd of July at 19:00. The club members can decide after the first meetings if we continue on Tuesday evening or if we switch to another day.

No, but it is possible to found one if there are sufficient interested people.